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Friday, July 11, 2014

"Battle of the Damned" plus 5 more

Battle of the Damned (2013)

After a city is quarantined because of a deadly virus, a wealthy industrialist hires a former commando to rescue his daughter from the blockaded area.

Starring: Lydia Look, Jen Sung, Kerry Wong, Broadus Mattison, Jeff Pruitt, David Field, Esteban Cueto, Melanie Zanetti, Matt Doran, Oda Maria, Dolph Lundgren

Directed by: Christopher Hatton

Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Action & Adventure | Sci-Fi Thrillers | Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Action Thrillers


Cockneys vs Zombies (2012) - Unrated

Hungry zombies invade London's East End, forcing a gang of would-be robbers and a group of feisty pensioners to break out the big guns to fight back.

Starring: Alan Ford, Honor Blackman, Michelle Ryan, Tony Gardner, Dudley Sutton, Jack Doolan, Harry Treadaway, Ashley Bashy Thomas, Rasmus Hardiker, Richard Briers, Georgia King

Directed by: Matthias Hoene

Comedies | Horror Movies | British Movies | International Movies


Days of Grace (2011) - Unrated

Set against the fervor of the 2002, 2006 and 2010 World Cup games, this drama presents three stories of violence and survival in Mexico City.

Starring: Vikram Chatwal, Paulina Gaitan, Veronica Falc��n, Kristian Ferrer, Dolores Heredia, Carlos Bardem, Jose Sefami, Mario Zaragoza, Tenoch Huerta, Miguel Rodarte, Eilen Yanez

Directed by: Everardo Valerio Gout

Crime Thrillers | Independent Thrillers | Police Detective Movies | Independent Movies | Thrillers | Crime Movies | International Movies


Orange is the New Black: Season 2 (Trailer 1) (2014)

Orange Is The New Black is back with conviction. See the Critics Choice Award winning Best Comedy Series of 2014, streaming exclusively on Netflix.

TV Shows | TV Dramas | TV Comedies | US TV Dramas | US TV Comedies | US TV Shows


The Battered Bastards of Baseball (2014)

The jaw-dropping true story of a real-life "Bad News Bears," this inspiring documentary recounts the history of the Portland Mavericks, an independent professional baseball team that broke attendance records in 1973 with a roster that included a blacklisted former Yankee pitcher, a left-handed catcher, the sport's first female general manager, and young movie star Kurt Russell, whose actor father Bing was the scrappy team's owner.



The Killing: Season 4 (Trailer) (2011)

It all comes down to this: the fourth and final season of the critically acclaimed crime thriller is a six-episode Netflix original that wraps up loose ends and reveals long-buried secrets. Detectives Linden and Holder return to investigate a gruesome mass slaying that exposes a dark family history, while trying to cover up a crime they committed.

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